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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

"Taking Stark County's Pulse", Stark County, Ohio's Best Burger 2016?

 Taking Stark County's Pulse - Stark County, Ohio's Best Burger Restaurant 2016 (VOTE HERE)

Which burger restaurant is the Best Burger Restaurant in Stark County, Ohio?

That's the question posed to 12,000+  members of the Stark County, Ohio News and Views... Facebook group. Members of the group did not hesitate to express their opinion, Stark County foodies know their burgers!

Nearly 100 eateries were mentioned as potential entries before the field was finally narrowed to 20, the best of the best Stark County burger restaurants.

Ten entries return from the 2013 poll, Loby's Grille, who was the winner last time around, 3 Brothers Corner Tavern, The Flipside Grille, Harmon's Pub, John's Bar and Grille, Falcone's Tavern, Cameo Grill, TD's Tailgate Grille, Menches Brothers of Massillon, and Best Burger.

First time entries include Nathan's Patio, George's Lounge, The Irish Exchange, Lake Varsity Diner, Smoke The Burger Joint, Puckers Sports Pub and Grille, Game Time, The Rail - Canton, Main Street Grille and Two Fat Guys Bar-B-Q & Brews.

The 20 best Stark County, Ohio Burger Restaurants, competing to be named bestest of the best, are...
  • Loby's Grille
  • Menches Brothers of Massillon
  • Nathan's Patio
  • George's Lounge
  • Cameo Grill
  • Falcone's Tavern
  • The Irish Exchange
  • Lake Varsity Diner
  • Main Street Grille
  • Smoke The Burger Joint
  • Puckers Sports Pub & Grille
  • Game Time
  • The Flipside Grille
  • Harmon's Pub
  • 3 Brothers Corner Tavern
  • TD's Tailgate Grill
  • John's Bar and Grille
  • Two Fat Guys Bar-B-Q & Brews
  • The Rail - Canton
  • Best Burger
You'll find the ballot in the sidebar to your right. Voting by phone? "View Web Version" of site, scroll to right hand column.  
>>> VOTE HERE <<<

Voting will end February 27, 2016

Schnab's Burgers made the most of it when they won the 2011 Best Burger in Stark County poll and their business boomed, until the owners closed to pursue a more lucrative opportunity.

Monday, January 11, 2016

Lunch At Loby's Grille, Stark County's Best Burger Restaurant

The first "Taking Stark County's Pulse" poll of 2016, Best Burger Restaurant in Stark County, Ohio, kicks off this week.

With that in mind, I couldn't think of a better spot to go for a late lunch than Loby's Grille. Loby's was the winner of the 2013 Best Burger poll.

 They have a double bacon cheeseburger on the menu, served with fresh cut fries, that will knock out your hearty appetite! It rates two thumbs up!

Friday, December 25, 2015

Stark County, Ohio Received The Gift Of A Spectacular Christmas Day Sunset!

We had a WOW! Christmas day sunset in Stark County, Ohio.

Looking out the sunroom window, you can see the reflection on the pond in our Jackson Township sub-division. I shot this picture at 6:15.

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Rare Christmas Full Moon Shining Over Stark County, Ohio

The full "Cold Moon" was the first Christmas full moon since 1977! We had a beautiful, clear night to view it in Stark County, Ohio! Shot this picture just before midnight.

We won't have another Christmas full moon until 2034!

Monday, December 14, 2015

Always Check Out the Specials Board at the Nut House Saloon!

You never know what you might find on the "Specials" board at Nut House Saloon in Richville. I went there for lunch today.

Among the specials were a Roast Beef Sandwich with a side order of Potato Salad. I hope they'll have this one again.

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Sunday, December 13, 2015

Easterdays Flower and Gift Shop, Where Stark County, Ohio Shops For Christmas

Shopping at locally-owned Stark County businesses is a priority in our household and we make every effort to support small businesses

That's why when we decided to get a new Christmas tree we went to Easterdays Flower and Gift Shop in Jackson Township this weekend.

We were able to get a beautiful seven-foot pencil tree, which they'd be using for display, at 30% off the regular price!

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Friday, December 11, 2015

The Flipside Grille's Specail Of The Week Is A Winner!

Every week The Flipside Grille in Magnolia features a different dish as its Special of the Week. This week's special is making its first appearance at The Flipside!

White Wine Tomato Spinach Alfredo is the dish being featured as The Flipide Grille Special of the Week.

Two thumbs up for The Flipside Grille, this is a great dish!

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Thursday, December 10, 2015

Spotted a Flock of Wild Turkeys in Pike Township!

Driving North on Route 800, through Pike Township, I spotted a flock of wild turkeys in a farm field.

After getting a few shots from across the road I wondered if it would be possible to get a little closer. Once I crossed the road, though, it wasn't long 'til they started heading for the nearby woods.

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Sunday, November 1, 2015

First time Dining At Nuevo Acapulco Restaurant and Bar

First time dining at Nuevo Acapulco Restaurant and Bar in Jackson Township.

Ordered Steak Fajitas with corn tortillas. This is a simple dish, which makes it perfect to judge the quality of what they're doing in the kitchen.

They served a hearty portion of food and it was delicious. Based on my experience tonight Nuevo Acapulco could very well be one of the best Mexican restaurants in Stark County, Ohio.

I'll definitely return to try more dishes. Stay tuned!

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

The Flipside Grile Is Now Serving Fish Tacos!

The Flipside Grille in Magnolia has introduced a new menu.

Seafood has long been one of The Flipside's strong points. The new menu features fish tacos, made with baked cod, and they go great with another of the new menu items, potato chips made fresh!