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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Stark County's Best Burger

15 Stark County restaurants have burgers in the running to be named Stark County's Best Burger.

The topic of which restaurant serves the Best Burger In Stark County was discussed extensively on Facebook;  readers of Stark County, Ohio News and Views... submitted photographs of what they think is the best burger in Stark County as part of a formal nomination process; the publisher of this site sampled a burger prepared by  each of the restaurants which was nominated in order to select the burgers that would be included in this Taking Stark County's Pulse poll.

The Taking Stark County's Pulse poll to select Stark County's Best Burger will begin next week, once the current poll, to name Stark County's Top College, has concluded.

Restaurants in the running for the distinction of serving the Best Burger In Stark County are...

Save The Fish Burger Bar

Schnabs Burgers

 Harmon's Pub

Best Burger

Arcadia Grille

3 Brothers Corner Tavern

Tim's Tavern

Heggy's Nut Shop

Prestier Pub


Firehouse Grille & Pub - Navarre

Mallon's Grille and Bar


John's Grille

 Cameo Grill

I appreciate everyone who participated in discussions on Facebook, regarding the Best Burger In Stark County, as well as those of you who sent emails advocating for your favorite burger. To the people who shot a photograph in order to submit the formal nomination required for a restaurant to be considered, I thank you.

Any help to spread the word, by posting this link, regarding Stark County's Best Burger would, of course, be much appreciated.

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