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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Taking Stark County's Pulse

Whose the "Java King" in Stark County, aka Stark County, Ohio's Best Coffee Spot?

This is the question Stark County, Ohio News And Views... is posing in its 11th Taking Stark County's Pulse poll. You'll find a ballot in the sidebar to the right.

Here are the choices...

Chit-Chat Coffee Shop (at the Massillon Museum)

Muggswigz Coffee and Tea Company

Mo' Joes Coffee House and Cafe

Caffe Gelato

Carpe Diem Coffee Shop


Voting for Stark County's Best Coffee Spot will continue through April 27th.


annie said...

Just wondering why you left Coffee & Chrome off the list of choices?

Anthony McCune, Publisher said...

That's an easy one, Annie. You may have noticed the poll was organized through a Facebook page titled, "JAVA KING, aka Stark County's Best Coffee Spot" and with more than two dozen people participating in the discussion, to choose the entries, not one person mentioned Coffee & Chrome. Sorry.