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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Welcome To Carnival Of Cities!

What do Canton, Ohio, Massillon, Ohio, Minerva, Ohio, Watertown, New York, Nashville, Tennessee, San Diego, California, Seattle, Washington, Kauai, Hawaii, Hafnarfjordur, Iceland, Havana, Cuba, Mexico City, Mexico, Dahab, Egypt, Cebu, Philippines have in common? You can learn more about each and every one of them in this edition of the Carnival of Cities blog carnival!

Stark County, Ohio News and Views... is proud to host one of the blogosphere's longest running, best known blog carnivals and happy to be able to share with you an excellent collection of articles focusing on a particular city.

With that, let me welcome you to the Carnival of Cities!

I'll kick things off here in Canton, Ohio, home of the Pro Football Hall of Fame and Museum, which you could say is the center of the pro football universe. Please join me for this visit to the Pro Football Hall of Fame, there's something for everyone who loves the game...and it's sure to be popular with The Steelers Nation!

Kerry Dexter would like you to join her for a Hall of Fame visit as well,  this time it's the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum in Nashville, Tennessee.

Does resort travel strike your fancy? How does Kauai, Hawaii sound? That's where Jennifer Miner takes us, to check out Hanalei Colony Resort.

Resorts are a big draw for travelers, of course, but if you're able to tap into the hidden treasures a community has to offer it offers a unique perspective which allows you to both learn about and enjoy the place you're visiting in a unique way. You'll find a good example of that here in Stark County, a largely unknown treasure which is nestled between the communities of Alliance, Louisville and Minerva, Ohio.

On a related note, Conner Gorry offers an inside look at Havana, Cuba.

Some visits are more educational than others, especially when you're visiting a new country. Check out what  Correr Es Mi Destino, a native of France, learned when he visited Watertown, New York

Correr isn't the only traveler to shared his experience. Dahab, Egypt was the destination for Michael Hodson, Vera Marie Badertscher takes us to San Diego and Claire Algarme traveled to Cebu, Philippines.

Of course you don't have to travel to see something memorable, there are times you need only look out your window. Hjörtur Smárason, publisher of Raving Ravens, has a view which has attracted the attention of the world!

One of the things that defines a community for me is its local restaurants. That's a topic Mikaela Cowles chose to introduce us to Seattle, Washington as she takes us to a restaurant named Lecosho.

Trans-Americas Journey takes us to Mexico City, Mexico, not to introduce us to one restaurant, but instead to check out a taco taste test.

That concludes this edition of Carnival of Cities. Thanks to all the bloggers who submitted entries and I appreciate you taking the time to check out the carnival. I look forward to see what comments were added to the various articles listed here, please let the author know that you found their article through the Carnival of Cities here at Stark County, Ohio News and Views....

Submissions are being accepted now for the June 29th edition of Carnival of Cities which is being hosted by Sheila's Guide To The Good Stuff. You can submit an entry for this, as well as future editions of, Carnival of Cities through Blog.Carnival.com.

Finally, thanks to Sheila Scarborough for allowing me to host her blog carnival, Carnival of Cities.


Sheila Scarborough said...

Thanks very much for hosting the Carnival, Tony - looks great!

Mikaela Cowles said...

This is definitely more interesting than just listing the links. What a wonderful write up. I couldn't help but want to read the links and now I want to travel! Perhaps reading them was dangerous ground...

Saieef ahmdya said...

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Thanks for your good information and i hope to subscribe and visit my blog Ancient Egypt and more Hapi and Three Fertility Gods thanks again admin